google ads metrics

Life Of a PPC Specialist!

Doctor, Banker, Software Professional – Self explanatory professions do not need any elaboration. But when someone has never heard of PPC, the response is somewhat the same – “Whats That?” And I always end up explaining my friends that If a time… Read More ›

Click Share

Click share is the percentage of clicks your ads receive compared to the total number of clicks it can get. It is similar to impression Share. You can use the click share metric to understand where you have potential to… Read More ›

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate or CVR is the number of conversions received per ad interaction in percentage. CVR = conversions/ad interactions Ex: If you have received 50 conversions for 1000 clicks, then your CVR will be 5%.

Ad Rank

Ad Rank is a value that determines your ad position or whether your ads will show at all. Ad Rank is calculated using various factors such as: Your bid amount Ad Quality Expected CTR ad relevance landing page experience Ad… Read More ›

Average Position

Average position is a metric that describes the rank of your ads against other ads. This rank determines in which order ads appear on the page. You can check the average position of your ads in the avg. Pos. column.