About Me

Hello and Welcome to The Viral Market.

My Name is Vishall. I am a Digital Marketing Enthusiast. Coming to my Higher education, I am actually a civil engineer but fell in love with “Digital Marketing” after I got myself placed in a Digital marketing Agency “Netelixir”. And It took me great efforts to get selected in that company (Its a long story, something that involves breaking into girl’s college). Although it was actually not necessary to go for the placements because I already got campus placed in TCS but these two words “Digital Marketing” really got my attention. After that I have always gained knowledge, improved my skills, explored and worked hard in this field, and I can say with confidence that I may not be the best, but I am different and I go out of my way to achieve something.

I work as a search marketing associate in Netelixir, and as the company goes by its slogan, I am totally proficient in the e commerce business section as the company only deals with  e commerce businesses. My role and responsibility here is to take take care of the client’s demands and help them dominate the search bar by introducing different strategies. Although I haven’t done any client facing till now, since it is done on the managerial level. I deal with clients whose monthly spend usually is around $300,000 just over search marketing, $1,313,260 this month.
Apart from the normal work as a search marketing associate, I am also a part of the Company’s Inbound Team. So I take care of their blog section, I have written one or two myself. I also take care of the online branding on platforms like Google, Facebook and twitter. Proficient in using Marketo tool and trained to do email marketing through it and create landing pages on the marketo platform.
Apart from my office work, I have also done some independent projects, created my own website “www.theviralmarket.com“, and through that I have worked with some local clients here in Hyderabad. “The Power Play” and “The Street”, both drive-in restaurants in Hyderabad, I have done social media marketing only on Facebook for them. Apart from that, even the creatives have been done by me. I have even created their logos.
I like experimenting out new things, I have learned and worked on some tools, to brand “theviralmarket.com“. I have done all this extra apart from office to learn the different platforms in Digital Marketing, otherwise then I would have been only restricted to Search Marketing.