About Me and How It All Started


I am a engineering student who graduated as a civil engineering.

Yes, what you have read is right. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I had decided earlier since I cannot become a good engineer, I will at least do a MBA and get settled in life. I started a student body in the college just for some of my selfish issues and now it is the largest student body in the college. So I knew that I had those marketing instincts in me which I could use in future. I could market myself very well, even though I had such a bad score in my college I got selected in a multinational company during the placements, but I rejected that job offer for something very interesting the was going to happen in my life.

Even before I had completed my college I got myself recruited in a digital marketing agency. In the beginning I realised that it was an interesting topic, but only till I got addicted to it. You know when you get the taste of it, you will never feel like leaving it. I have trained by the most experienced and worked on the most important accounts that needs a lot of great attitude, logical approach and patience.

Much more to learn, as I always say it is a vast subject with never ending boundaries. The more you explore, the more you learn.