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Bing Ads: Action Extension releases and how can we use it?

Bing ads announces the global release of action extension on April 3rd and here is what it looks like.

Credits: Bing Ads
Credits: Bing Ads

Bing Ads Exclusive

This is a Bing Ads Exclusive and it boasts about 70 predefined action extensions which can be implemented by advertisers across different verticals.

The extension allows advertisers to give clear call-to-action, it is clickable and drives customers to required landing page.

Key Details by Bing Ads

  • Clicks on Action Extensions will be charged the same cost-per-click (CPC) as clicks on the ad headline.
  • Can be shown with other extensions
  • Can be associated at the account, campaign, or ad group level, where the lowest level takes precedence. There is a limit of 20 associations per level.
  • The URL fields are all optional. If the URL is not provided for the Action Extension, we will use the ad’s URLs (or the URL at the keyword level, if provided) as the landing page when the call-to-action button is clicked.

This extension is unique and it is not available in Google Ads. This is Bing Ads exclusive and it would be interesting to note how it effects CTR & CVR.

The action extension is available in all Bing Ads markets on both desktop and mobile devices.

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