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Ola Restrooms: A new one for April, 2019

While all brands run campaigns around festive seasons or celebrations, Ola has always looked forward to April 1st. Since 2015 Ola has been entertaining us with innovative campaigns covering up their new ventures.

2015 – Ola Air

2016 – Ola Rooms

2017 – Ola Wheels

2018 – Ola News Network

While all have been declared as April Fool Pranks, and considering history lets see what Ola brings for us in 2019.

The video released on 29 March, 2019 and this is what Ola mentioned in their twitter.

Introducing Ola Restrooms. A place to go, for a generation that’s on the go. #OlaRestrooms #NoPressure

Source: Twitter

The youtube video depicted these mobile restrooms as having “industry-leading mobile washroom specs” that “guaranteed hygiene and comfort,” which supposedly can be availed only with a tap on the app.

This is an innovative ice breaking strategy to play a prank with the public, and it makes us laugh for sure.

Well! that’s a good one from Ola.

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