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How many of you have tried the new LinkedIn Pages?

LinkedIn has recently introduced the LinkedIn Pages. Having a company page on a professional platform like LinkedIn is essential. A company page gives you an opportunity to reveal and take part in important conversations about your brand. The LinkedIn Company page has been relaunched as LinkedIn pages and the interface is cleaner and more features have been added to this marketing tool.

Launched on November 13, 2018 and if you still have not updated your company’s profile page, then here is some updates that you need to know about LinkedIn Pages in lInkedIn’s own words.

Join the Conversations that Matter

LinkedIn pages has made it easier for the admins to post, update and respond to comments from anywhere. Admins can now associate their page with upto three trending hashtags. While admins has the ability to post images, native videos  and text to their company pages, now there is a new feature to share documents like PowerPoints, Word Documents and PDF’s  to tell richer and more compelling brand stories.

LInkedIn Pages - Join the Conversations that Matter
courtesy – LinkedIn

Know and grow your Audience

One of the major updates about LinkedIn pages is the Content Suggestion. Now it will be easier for admins to know what contents will add value to their community. By knowing this they can create and curate contents that will surely engage their target audience. To understand if this content strategy is a success, LinkedIn Pages now provides stronger visual analytics for admins. You can filter by any time frame to determine how your strategy is performing over time. All admins will receive a monthly summary email, providing them with the demographics of people visiting the site and which content they are interacting with.

LinkedIn pages - Know and grow your Audience
courtesy – LinkedIn

Engage with your People

Being one of the used platforms for job searchers, LinkedIn Pages has an update where your company page can engage with your own employees and member following the page. This new feature now helps organisations to re-share and respond to content posted by their employees and members on the LinkedIn feed. LinkedIn also claims that they will be rolling out an ability that will help re-share and respond to posts where a company’s page is mentioned, such as a testimonial or a product review.

LinkedIn Pages - Engage with your People
courtesy – LinkedIn

With these latest updates it has been way more easier for community managers or page admins to analyse, create and curate a content strategy that can help their brand to stand out in the crowd.

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