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The DuckDuckGo Way!

The privacy focused search engine has reported that it has reached 30 million daily searches on 11th October through twitter. The google competitor says that it took 7 years for them to reach 10 million daily searches, and then 2 years to reach the 20 million daily searches milestone. And now in half a year they have reached 30 million daily searches milestone.

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Privacy has been a major concern when it has come to search engines and social media websites. The Cambridge Analytica controversy has already raised a sense of awareness among the public and websites like DuckDuckGo are really promising. This is what they claim as soon as you land on their page.

  1. We don’t store your personal info.
  2. We don’t follow you around with ads.
  3. We don’t track you. Ever!

According to a Quora post by Gabriel Weinberg, CEO & Founder at DuckDuckGo, DDG claims that they have been in the profitable side since 2014 using the non-tracking business model unlike Google.

DDG does not track users for targeting ads instead it has a keyword – based advertising business model to display ads at the point of each search. This means that when you visit ads through DDG, the ads will not haunt you anywhere else after that.

This year has seen a lot of controversial news over privacy concerns in the internet and looking at DDG’s daily searches growth rate it is totally understood that such privacy centric business models have set a new standard of trust online.


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