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Digital Marketing For Real Estate: #1 Introduction.

Do you own a construction company? Or are you looking for selling some space? What have you done till now to advertise about it? The message about what you are selling to reach out to the world, to the right customers who can buy what you are selling, is it reaching to them? What must you have done to advertise your sell? Newspaper, magazines, asking your salesman to stand in front of a random mall and distribute brochures to people, you must have also tried to advertise on the local tv channel. Well, all of these are cost taking and the audience that you are targeting is a wide range, I mean you are even targeting people who do not want to buy your sell. So what is the best way that you can do to target the right audience at much cheaper spend?

Digital Marketing Vs. Real Estate

Digital marketing has revolutionised the real estate industry in a specific way. The buyers are looking for more options during their research and it has helped them in a significant way. According to digital vidya, about 92%of the buyers use the internet at some point for their home search and 42% of all the home buyers have used the internet as the first step in their home search. So you are actually losing a lot of your leads if you are not in for digital marketing.

There is a lot of scope for the realtors out there to come out of their conventional way of advertising and adopt this sophisticated way in order to produce more leads. Looking at the ROI perspective you can measure your every rupee spend.

Strategy That You Can Adopt


Your website defines your business. It is the face of your business and plays a very important factor to attract leads. It should be as appealing as it can be and at the same time, it should be informative. Your call to actions need to be specific and should direct in the right direction. All your marketing will go to scrap if your website is not right. Your User Interface should be as easy and interactive as it can be. Also, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Now, its the age of mobile. You can access the internet whenever and wherever you want.

Branding of Your Website

Since you have created a face, now you have to show it to your audience. Start writing blogs which can educate your audience about the real estate. Your blog can be titled as “How to Search for the house of your Dreams?”. The more the people like it, the more they visit back to your website, and the more customer following you get.  These customers will also help you in wording by either word of mouth or by sharing on the social media sites.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your Search engine optimisation should be perfect. Gone are the days when SEO depended mainly on the specific set of keywords, now it all depends upon the nature of the website, user experience with your website, your web page loading speed, also of the content that you are sharing in your website is duplicate or original. Apart from these, you need to have a separate SEO strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Share your content on the social media sites. Have you heard of digital storytelling? Make interesting videos which talk about their brand. Instead of posting a big content in the social media sites, show informative videos about your brand to your followers.

Search Engine Marketing

When we talk about Search Engine, people only talk about Google. According to statistics after google, bing and yahoo have an equal share in the search engine. It is important to adapt to all the search engines to change the users to leads to customers.

RE vs.Dm
Infographic on ‘Digital Marketing for Real Estate’

I will be coming up with more statistics and research on this topic. Better stay tuned to my blog.


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