Vodka with Vishall

Vodka with Vishall – Ep1

Well I had one of the most delicious shawarma today and met these two wonderful entrepreneurs , Bharat and Srinath. Owners of the Chote Miyan Group which has three subsidiaries under it – The Continental Kitchen, Malgudi Tiffin Center and Chote Miyan kababs.

Well, how they started up is quite interesting and which of course I am not going to share here, because vodka with vishall is all about marketing stories. So when I asked them that what marketing strategy they had used to get audience for their brand? Here is what they said –

“Nothing much! What we wanted was a means to taste our food to people, so that they could remain our customers forever. We had the option of social media promotions, but we din’t opt for it at the initial stage, because it wouldn’t help us make people taste our food, it would only help to create an awareness about our brand. So we used the food delivery app as our main source of marketing strategy. We sold our food at INR 35, which was comparatively cheaper than all the other food listed by other eateries in the app. When people find food at less price, most of them get attracted to it and would not bother to experiment, and when people love the taste of it, they order it again. We ran this offer for 21 days – Food@35. It helped us, because the customers returned, even when we started selling at our original price, which was 4x the offer price.

Now, since our sale has increased, and we got pretty good reviews from our existing customers, we are thinking of expanding our marketing strategy to social media.”

Well, that was a pretty awesome chat with them. When the product is good, no matter what, people would buy it, they just have to experience your product once.