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What is the difference between Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Optimised Pages?

People frequently ask this question that what is the difference between search engine friendly and search engine optimised pages. They are often confused between the friendly and optimised part. I brought this topic up today because at one time even I had the similar doubt. So let us discuss it on this blog.

Before I answer your question, I would rather start by clearing one small doubt which many developers and digital marketers have at the initial phase,

“Are WordPress sites search engine optimised or search engine friendly from the beginning?”

I had say that the WordPress sites are automatically search engine friendly from the beginning. Search engine friendly meaning that they get themselves found on the organic SERP for the perfect query. But you need to optimise it further to be on the top results in the organic SERP. So that is the basic difference, search engine friendly lets your website be visible on the organic SERP, but it takes a lot of search engine optimisation to get it to the top results of organic SERP.

Remember, being found on the organic SERP is different than being found on the top results of organic SERP. So let us answer your question,

What is the difference between Search Engine Friendly and Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine friendly is basically what you do with your website at the beginning phase. When you are building a new website, its design, its back-end coding, images and other elements should serve the purpose of indexing on the search engine. But letting it survive among others on the organic SERP depends on your search engine optimisation. SEO is the process of developing or improving the traffic volume for your website through an organic search result.

When you are creating your own website you will make sure that all pages contain unique content, search engine friendly ensures that. But Search engine optimisation ensures that the content on the pages is optimised for rankings and conversion.

Search engine friendly is the initial step for any developer who is developing a website. In fact, many digital marketers start their SEO campaigns by making sure that the website first is search engine friendly. Only after ensuring that you can start the process of optimisation.

Creating a search engine friendly site from the beginning will save a lot of time, energy and money and even you don’t have to curse the developer for making such a gross website. It will only ensure that you are ready to promote your website as soon as it is rolled out and you only have to optimise it to make it look the best on the organic SERP.


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