How Business Owners are Desparate About Increasing Likes on their Facebook Pages and Ads? And How they can Avoid it.

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You are a local business owner and you have started a Facebook page for your new business. The next thing that you do is find out ways to get likes for your page.

So, in this blog I am going to throw some light on…

4 Common mistakes that business owners do to get likes on their Facebook page.

First thing that you do – Invite your friends to like the page and ask them to invite their friends. Now if you are a e – commerce business then this action is relevant. But if you are a Digital Marketing Agency and you are inviting your friends to like your Facebook page, it is not doing much good for your business as it is not the relevant audience for your business. You need to target those who are interested in digital marketing and certain businesses that need digital marketing.

Second thing that you do – Shake hands with click farms. The greatest blunder that you can do in life is approach the click farms. Click farms get you likes from those Facebook profiles that are unfortunately of no use for your business. Your relevant audiences gets diluted. Click farms also allow fake profiles to like your ads and pages which is very unhygienic for your business page.

Third thing that you do – You have no idea about the Facebook business manager. I strongly accept that you can run paid ads, target audience through the options that are provided on you Facebook page. But Facebook business manager is a different level to manage your ads, business promotions and get the relevant audience for your business.

Fourth thing that you do – Target audience uniquely based on interests. Yes its a good practice but its not totally right and it can lead into getting robots liking your page. Now suppose for your Digital Marketing Facebook Page you are targeting audience that have specific interest in “digital marketing”, then Facebook shows your sponsored ads to the fake accounts also which have listed their interest in “digital marketing”. This way your ads reach to the right audience is getting diluted.

How to Avoid Fake Likes for your Facebook Page and Ads?

Now the fourth point as I have mentioned before is not totally wrong. But it can be totally right if we also concentrate on remarketing, custom audience and look – a – like audience.

Remarketing can help you in targeting audience that have already visited your website. This way there is a least chance that you would have a fake profile or a robot liking your page or ads. The click trough rate of your ad increases and the authenticity of users visiting your website, page and ads increases.

Custom audience can be created from using the audience email lists and phone numbers from your database. This way the likes generated are original, no fake profiles involved as they are totally picked up from your database and consists of that audience that have already had interaction with your brand.

Look – A – Like audience can be used to target new people who have any similarity with the custom audiences. This way you can increase the fan following for your brands which are real and authentic.

Well, if your fans are original so will their friends be. So target people who like your page and their friends, and this setting is clearly available when you are you optimising your ads for your promotions.

All these options are available on Facebook business manager and you can help yourself as it is easily understandable.

Otherwise catch hold of a professional like me, give him some bucks and he can do it for you.











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