Life Of a PPC Specialist!

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Note: It only occurred in my mind to write this when my girlfriend asked me – “What do I do for a Living”, and after hearing me she asked – “What’s that?”

Doctor, Banker, Software Professional – Self explanatory professions do not need any elaboration. But when someone has never heard of PPC, the response is somewhat the same – “Whats That?” And I always end up explaining my friends that If a time comes in their life that they decide to start an online commerce store, they would desperately need me!

What makes us so unique is that we play a very important role when it comes to how much money a company can make. Money – Makers, yeah! You can call us that!

So here we go, Let me share with you The Life of a PPC Specialist. But before that, you need to know what PPC is?

Paid Search Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way of online marketing where advertisers pay a specific amount each time when their ads get clicked. They bid on Keywords to get their ad show up in required placements on the search engine pages, paying them a amount each time when the ads get clicked.

So basically, this is what we do everyday. Setting up new campaigns, monitoring the old ones, analyzing the keywords and optimizing them, controlling the client’s spend, increasing their revenues and orders, engaging the users to buy again and again from the same place, and phew! all this can sometime get tiresome!

We have special traits which makes us different from other species. We are critical thinkers because its disciplined thinking what we need in this profession. Whatever decisions we make should be clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence. We are good at Mathematics. Daily calculations, observing the trends, increase and decrease the bids, how much I bid on which device, how much can give me a safe margin, our calculations should always be right and it always saves the day. We have high tolerance for change and stress. We need to be always up to date with the latest trends going on in the market because in this industry there is always something new coming up now and then, new rules, new features, new theories and this requires flexibility, tolerance and an ability to remain calm.

We don’t have specific set of working hours, because if you had set up working hour for us, we would probably end up working more than that. As the day in the office starts, first thing what we check is the mails, and after caffeinating ourselves, we settle up and reply to those mails. I had like to give a Noble Prize Award to a senior colleague of mine whom I sit right next to and whose team I am in for the amount of email replies he does to our one client who always ends up replying for the reply he does and the email threads are like that of the pages in Shakespearean novels, he is a Superstar.

Most of the time we spend setting up and managing campaigns, and this involves lot of talent and brains. Imagine if you were selling a delicious cake but there is no one to buy it from you. You need to rely on a special breed to do that, a breed like that of ours. And setting up  a campaign involves lot of criteria like setting up relevant keywords, continuously testing ads, realizing the strong performing sources, researching on the competitors. monitoring the overall performance of the account, checking in with clients and creating reports.

Its not that we work the whole day, we have our lunch and snack breaks. Whenever felt over-stressed we play Table Tennis or Caroms. We have our fun days and yeah we do have our ragging sessions for the new joiners.  And there are some who in their free time create content for our company blog focusing on PPC related topics.

We are multi-tasking, working on tools,  doing research or creating and analyzing campaigns, writing and creating content, on the phone, at any given time. There are lot of things which need be done and the stage is always changing it appearance which creates pressure, but this is fun!

Sometimes it gets overtime, we end up leaving late for home, we end up getting late up in the morning, well…um…..afternoon for some, we do have problems sometimes reaching to the office at the right time, but what’s important is that all this is fun and we love it.

So! This is a life of a PPC specialist.

The world is changing, its getting more digital, there is a new breed which has involved and just like I have done before I would like to end this in my old way.

Hello World,

This is to inform you that there is a new line of breed emerging, we are living among you, we eat with you, maybe right now we are sitting right next to you, we are neither mutants nor from krypton, we don’t wear masks, neither we wear tight pants, but we do have gadgets of our own and we do can kiss our girlfriends hanging upside down, we are smart, we are talented, we are genius, we are cool, we are the Paid Search Marketing Experts.







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