Pokemon Go – From the eyes of a Digital Marketer.

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pikachu for blog

I would start like this…..Just Imagine, you have full concentration on your phone searching for the Pikachu which you have been doing for the last one month. Your concentration is nowhere but on your smartphone. Finally you catch your Pikachu, the Pokemon of your dreams, and when you raise your head, to your surprise you find yourself in a coffee shop.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and etc. would just let you know about that coffee shop. But this game just took you to that coffee shop. A Pikachu just got one more customer to that shop. All in the name of Augmented Reality, boon for the Gamers and a gold treasure for the Marketers. Its the first big step towards the location-based revolution in digital marketing. This game is responsible for Nintendo’s stock price increase. It has got more users than Twitter, and its more engaging than Facebook. People are loving it and eagerly waiting for its release in the other parts of the world.

This game is more social, it forces its users to come out of their shelters and roam around places. People come out in search of Pokemons. Rare Pokemons have drastic effect on the lives of the gamers. No matter what the location of it is, it goes viral and the next moment you find all of them there searching for that rare Pokemon.

So how is it going to be, Just like search marketers bid on keywords, maybe now marketers will start bidding on locations in this game, or maybe for a particular Pokemon. No Wonders in some times you find a board in front of a Starbucks which says “Catch Your Favorite Pikachu Hear. We also serve one of the best coffees.”

The game is popular, and location-based, that its users are a mobile audience that marketers can take advantage of and put wherever they want. Along with the existing in-app purchases from “PokéCoins,” developer Niantic says it will use sponsored locations as another way to cash in, according to the Financial Times. “There is a second component to our business model at Niantic, which is this concept of sponsored locations,” Chief Executive John Hanke told the FT.

This game will be a real boon for Social Local Marketing and a new infrastructure for Marketing. So Social Marketers particularly should be all happy about it.

No wonders, marketers may start bidding on the favorite Pokemons, and  maybe the nearest MC Donald’s turns out to be a Poke-gym, or just to find a Pokestore you may end up in a super-market. Just wait and watch!

“Gotta Catch em All”

#PokemonGo #DigitalMArketing #SocialMarketing


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