The Whole New Era of Marketing – Digital Marketing

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It’s been more than 15 years and I still remember the Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement on television where a girl is having her chocolate while watching her boyfriend in tension who is in a do or die situation playing the last ball of a cricket match. That nail biting moment when he finally hits a long shot not knowing whether its a six or a catch out…heaving breaths in the stadium…trickling sweat…..a hush and a SIX! And then the sight presented by the girl….swirling….dancing….joy oozing out with the Cadbury clutched in one hand and the other hand flying out with excitement. No watchman, no man at all could stop her. It seemed all we need in life is a Cadbury and a person to hug out of joy. Well that’s an ad which created an impact on its viewers, no matter how famous or strong Cadbury was in the market then, but it created an impression on its viewers that lasted long in their minds. That was a time when television was an important part of media and entertainment to the world. That was an era when there were expensive campaigns where a lot of resources were required to push the products through the mass media.
The Cadbury dairy milk ad

While the trend is still moving on, a totally different platform has taken birth.

Internet has created a new level of opportunity for the world. Business could be done sitting at your bedroom. Meetings can be attended without sitting together instead just using your devices from wherever you are. The advancement in technology has created a whole new set of opportunities in the marketing field. Now people who do not have the required resources for creating ads on television but just a laptop, internet connection and a little sensible mind can jump into this field.

A whole new era has started. The era of digital marketing.

A large number of business today need a component of e – marketing. When a customer in your market visits Google and searches for a particular product that you have, you will definitely like to let him know that you have it. You see………..there, that urge, that urge to tell somebody that you have the exact thing they need and when that fails to show up on the very first page of the results page, that’s where the opportunity is that you lose because if I were that customer I would never go to the next pages…..I mean who likes to go anyways? Everyone is as lazy as you are. Now that is where the demand for the talent is. There is totally a different set of skills required here. It is because of this demand that a whole new species got evolved, they are the digital marketers.

At the starting of my carrier a senior of mine once asked me how digital marketing is helping this world to be a beautiful place to live in. What good are you doing to your society as a digital marketer?  Though I couldn’t reply him, here is what he said,”If it was not for digital marketing there would have been less free content on the web, less information for people to choose from. Information now is flowing more boldly supporting revolutions and dethroning. If it was not for digital marketing then we wouldn’t have got the best services from social media sites like Google or Facebook.” One of the best and unfortunate examples I can give you is, the period of November – December 2015, when a part of south India had to face the wrath of the annual north-east monsoon. It was mostly Tamil Nadu which got affected. At some point the news channels failed to cover the disaster but it was through social media channels that people learned the condition of the flood affected areas. There were daily posts on Facebook on what were the advancements being made. A lot of people and NGO started posting on the social media websites. There were daily tweets asking for help and support. And slowly the whole nation stood up together to help the flood affected areas. There was circulation of food and amenities, people started donating and this was only possible when people learned about the incident through social media websites. One more example is the Egyptian revolution of 2011. There were two social media sites that helped people come together. Facebook helped to organize the activists inside the country, while Twitter helped to get the message out to the broader world.
So if it was not for digital ads, not everyone could have access to the social media and if it was not for digital marketers there would have been less good quality digital ads in this competitive word. So whenever you go to pray before going to bed thank god for sending these cool angels because of whom you could get connected with the person who meant the whole world to you.
So……Hello world, there is a new line of superheroes emerging to save you all, we are living among you, we eat with you, maybe right now we are sitting right beside you, we are neither mutants nor from krypton, we don’t wear masks, neither we wear tight pants, we are smart, we are talented, we are genius, we are cool, we are the digital marketers.


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